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A Guide to Moffett Forklift for Sale Extensions

A Guide to Moffett Forklift for Sale Extensions


When it comes to improving reach to storage items in a warehouse, forklifts and their extensions play an integral role. You will often need a specific forklift accessory, which should help to boost reach, versatility, load bearing potential, as well as the versatility of the lift truck. At Bobby Park Truck & Equipment, we get so many questions and address concerns that Alabama forklift users have about the extensions of Moffett’s for sale. In this post, we would like to answer some of the common FAQs regarding the extensions. Here’s what you should know.

Should the Extensions Be Legal?

Most people coming to us at Bobby Park ask us a common question, whether OSHA approves or allows the use of forklift extensions. The reason is that the rules keep changing. There was a time when OSHA was so strict on the extensions and this required permission from the manufacturer’s directly before they could install the extension on their lift truck. However, things are different now, and using any forklift extension is considered legal. You will only need the approval of an engineer, specialized in forklifts. However, OSHA sets some rules and regulations, and here’s what you need to know.

Does OSHA Have Any Strict Rules for the Extensions of a Forklift?

Keep in mind that the extensions of forklifts are more like clamps, and there are some points to consider, including:

  • The extensions should not exceed the length of longer than 1.5 times of the forklift length
  • Similar to other types of attachment, the extension of a forklift will be partially loaded, even at the time when it doesn’t carry any load
  • The extensions should have clear details from the manufacturers, as well as their load capacity, and serial number
  • The forklift extension is a different entity on its own, so operators need to have complete training on this aspect. The lift should have clear labels on the attachment and the load weight

Just know that these are not the exact rules or regulations for the extensions, but just some of the points you should know. The best suggestion we have is that you should contact OSHA directly for more information regarding the extensions.

What is the Best Way to Use the Extension?

Using the extensions of a forklift requires all operators to have complete training on the lift truck. It is important to go through the training, as it will keep operators updated on the features of the forks and their usage. The basic information to know includes:

  • The extensions change the load capacity of the forklift. Once the load reaches its full capacity, do not overload the forklift
  • Avoid loading the forklift extension tips. This will only cause the risks of the forklift tipping over and causing damage to the extensions and the fork
  • Just like other attachments, you should inspect the fork extensions often for any signs of repairs needed, or possible damages

If you want more information on the extension of your forklift, or need to invest in a Moffett’s for sale, you can contact us now at Bobby Park Truck & Equipment. Call us now.


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