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How to Choose Well-Maintained Used Forklift Trucks for Sale

How to Choose Well-Maintained Used Forklift Trucks for Sale


If you are planning to invest in a used forklift for your material handling needs, rest assured, you are making the right choice. Once you decide that you need a forklift for your company or business, the next important step is to secure the deal on the best well-maintained used forklift. For this, you need to choose the best dealers nearby. At Bobby Part Truck & Equipment, we welcome you to the right stop! You can trust us for the finest, durable and best-used forklifts that work in the best condition.

When buying used forklift trucks for sale, we suggest that you should know some things before visiting us. In this case, we mean you should have some basic knowledge on how to check a used forklift for its quality. When you visit us, we will guide you on some important checks. Just to have an idea, here are some things you should consider when choosing our used forklifts for sale.

The Important Inspection Areas

Before you buy the truck, our advice to you is to inspect some areas.

  •          You should inspect the overall lift truck condition
  •          Check the lift cylinders and the motors for any signs of leaks
  •          Check the breaks
  •          The lift chains should stretch well if they are in good condition. Between the chain links, inserting a coin shouldn’t be possible
  •          Check the fork trailings, the wheels and check every corner for any signs of repairs
  •          You should find out the maintenance history of the forklift. Check the serial number, its manufacturing date, and operating hours. Whether you buy from us or any other dealer, it is highly important that you know the age of the forklift

Choose Certified Forklifts

Larger forklift companies often offer certified forklifts, usually used forklifts. This serves as a guarantee that the seller of the forklift only has good quality ones and it has passed through inspections. You should also check their repair and working history, which should include the working hours of the lift truck. You should also consider other aspects, where did the machine operate, was it outdoors or indoors.

Was the lift truck you are planning to buy a part of a previous fleet of rental machines? Consider where it was operating. Was it in cooler temperatures or ambient? Make sure the maintenance records are up to date. If it is an electric forklift, is the battery new or used? Check the life of the battery charger, is it new or old?

We hope this information should give you an idea of the resale value of used forklift trucks for sale. Furthermore, you must have an idea now of the importance of having enough information on the history of the truck.

At Truck Forklifts, rest assured that we only have well-maintained forklifts for sale. They are in the best condition and they will last you through the years to come. For further details on the models and pricing, please get in touch with us today.



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