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Here's how you can Change the Forks of Your Moffett Forklift

Here's how you can Change the Forks of Your Moffett Forklift


The benefits of attachments of forklifts are numerous. From expediting the time of projects, to enhancing efficiency, and boosting productivity, there are plethoras of positives that you can extract from Moffett equipment. The truth is the forks of a forklift are more like the foundation of the material handling operation. Before you decide to move on to accessories, you have to understand all the basic principles of the forklift forks by themselves and exactly how well they contribute to the operation. It’s possible to receive the best outcome for your business when you consider changing the forks.

The truth is that some material handling businesses are still not sure of how they can complete a particular task. Are your employees not able to execute the job in the best way? Are they aware of how to operate the forks and change them if necessary?

As you go through our guide, you will get a better understanding of how to change the forks like a pro!

Are the Forks the Quick Fix Type?

When it comes to Moffett lift trucks, some models come with quick-change forks to ensure the business operations are easier and seamless. Going through the instruction manual or talking to one of our experts will give you the best insight into whether or not you should change or remove the forks and how to replace them. Often, quick-change forks can drop within just a few moments.

Removing of the Moffett Forks

When changing the forks, the very first step you have to do is remove the old forks. In order to accomplish this, you can go through the manufacturer’s specifications. Keep in mind that if you fail to do so, this will only create a potential hazard or risk and expose your business to all sorts of liabilities.

Use the Side Shifter

To make sure the attachments of the lift truck fit snugly and properly on the forklift, the side shifters are often a great tool for the best alignment. You will be able to use the positioners to help during this process. When you use both tools, this should make the forks attach properly and accurately at the best angles to ensure easy and safe loading or unloading.

Attaching of New Forks

Attaching the forks is the next step and you should follow this in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual. It is also necessary that you check the forks properly and whether they for well to ensure they deliver the best performance. If you fail to ensure this, then you are likely to encounter accidents with forks not attached properly. Usually, if the forks do not attach properly, they will end up coming in the way of heavy operations. This will eventually also lead to injuries and cause further problems.

Once you check the attachment of the new forks properly, you can put them to work properly. Always remember that you should adhere to the OSHA regulations and follow the right safety measures when you operate your forklift.


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