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Inspection Tips: Purchasing Used Moffett for Sale

Inspection Tips: Purchasing Used Moffett for Sale


For all newbie’s like you, who do not have enough or sufficient training in the best ways to search for vehicles, investing in second-hand or used vehicle may seem like a risky mission. It will be difficult for you to tell the exact condition you are planning to buy falls under, and whether it has the perfect price or not, is the vehicle suited to meet all your business needs, probably as it seems?

When you invest in used Moffett for sale, the matter further complicates by the heavy investment necessary to source the lift truck. Although there are many ways to detect if the polish coated truck in front of you is worth your time and investment, some tips can also help you to spot the best deal.

During the inspection, here are some tips on how you can be sure of the purchase you make.

The Fork and Mast

The best tip here is to start well by taking your time to check the truck thoroughly for any signs of damages and cracks like warping since these could hamper the lift trucks ability to carry any form of heavy load safely and easily. You may also check the masts completely to ensure that the cylinders do not leak, you can check the tilt, shift cylinders and pins. Checking the shift cylinders helps to ensure the cylinders are secure and the mast rails and rollers should have no particular damage signs.

The Inner Workings

You need to open the compartments of the engine to inspect it for leaks, dirt, or any signs of damages. You should test the oil to make sure it does not leak and you can check whether the filter and the air are clean. In addition, you should inspect the exhaust guard to ensure it has no signs of damages.

The Frame, Cab, and Canopy

You also need to check for signs of any damage on the sides and you should push in inside to ensure the cowling is much functional. You can also check for signs of safety supports, and the screens to make sure they protect the operators in the cases of accidents. You also need to inspect the chassis, bends for any particular signs of bends, cracks, or even welding signs. You should make sure of the shift arms safety, the levers as well as check whether the parts work in the right condition or not.

You need to take the vehicle for a test drive to see whether it steers, accelerates, brakes, and reverse functions in the way it should.

Always remember that before you invest in a lift truck, you should remember to inspect it well. However, for more information on Moffett, you can get in touch with our team at Bobby Park. We can help you choose the right Moffett for your warehouse operations.

Get in touch with us today, explore our website, and get all the information you need on the model details, specs and more.


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