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Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering a Box Truck

Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering a Box Truck


Box trucks are just one of the common options when it comes down to efficient transporting freight. You should know that the freight and trucking industry usually offers a wide range of trailers and class 8 types to haul the cargo of the nation. Often, some of these tend to range from the traditional 18-wheeler box trailer to smaller box trucks that fall under the medium truck category.

The truck body is too short or too long, the truck sits way too low, the chassis is too light; these are just some of the examples of exactly where the specs could go wrong when it comes to medium duty box trucks for sale. Sometimes, these also go by the names “dry freight” or “dry van” trucks.

However, it could just take one miscue either to impede the productivity of employees and drive up the vehicle costs, in order to correct the mistakes or to deal with some premature maintenance issues that arise when trying to operate the trucks.

How can all fleet managers reduce the risks of errors when they spec medium duty box trucks? From our experts at Bobby Park Truck and Equipment, here are some mistakes you should avoid when ordering medium duty box trucks.

Choosing Underweight Chassis

When it comes to ordering a box truck, the goal is to make sure that it has a balance between the weight and the cargo space. On a 26,000lb truck, you can have a GVW chassis or larger body to accommodate some cargo space. However, if the cargo content is heavy, you will need to max out the weight right before you run out of the space. This also means that the initial space should not be the governing factor; you have to make sure the weight of the chassis is compatible with the cargo weight at full load.

Overlooking the Height of the Box

We recommend that fleet managers should consider potential clearance issues in the areas where the truck will be unloading and loading. The overall height is not always a consideration in regard to low hanging conduits. However, this could create productivity issues if care is something you do not take into account. It is important to keep an eye on the height of the box as it keeps the vehicle in balance and reduces the risks of issues.

Ignoring the Interior Lighting

Since box trucks serve the purpose of goods transportation, whenever the delivery of goods takes place from the location the other, as a fleet manager you need to be aware of the condition of the goods. If your business is the sort that requires you to deliver goods primarily at night, you have to make sure the interior of the box truck for sale has sufficient lighting. On the other hand, if your job is the type that requires you to deliver goods in the daytime, you should consider having a translucent roof, which should allow natural light into the box. If the box does not have enough light, it could take employees a long time to find a cargo for particular deliveries, slowing down business operations.

When ordering box trucks, the bottom line is that you need to avoid such mistakes to prevent unpleasant surprises in the end. This will also help to maximize the productivity of employees and ensures that you spend the least possible on its ownership.

At Bobby Park Truck and Equipment, we can cater to all your trucking needs in Alabama. For further information on our trucks, the options, and the preferred model you should choose for your business operations, get in touch with us today.




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