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Our Advice on Preventing Long-Term Moffett Equipment Damages

Our Advice on Preventing Long-Term Moffett Equipment Damages


When it comes to handling heavy equipment in a warehouse, a forklift can serve the purpose in the easiest ways. Forklifts help with various business needs, like helping you to tackle diverse range of areas, reduce costs, boost productivity, and manage the delivery of products. Having said so, it is best to say that forklifts need care, and love too! If you do not keep them in the right order, they may rapidly deteriorate and they will ultimately affect your business.

Do you wish to keep your valuable investment under safety and ensure that it meets all of your long-term goals?

Here is some advice we have for you to avoid long-term damages that may deteriorate the condition of your lift trucks.

Maintain the Battery

Another important task you need to focus on is treating the battery, which will definitely prolong the lifespan of the lift truck. Before using the machine, you should check the forklift battery for any signs of leaks. You should also examine the terminals of the battery for any signs of oxidation. Keep in mind that these minor aspects can ensure that your lift truck operates well in the future without having to worry about its function. If you fail to do so, this may result in future malfunctions and compromise the quality of the battery, pushing you to invest in a brand new battery.

Keep your Moffett in a Dry Area

As mentioned above, oxidation may occur and it can deteriorate your forklift. It is advisable that you store the lift truck in a dry area, which should prevent the effects that may occur in time. There are several other reasons why you should store your forklift in a dry area.

Along with preventing the risks of deterioration from oxidation, this would reduce the exposure of electrical parts to the elements. Note that you must protect the electrical system at all costs. Maintenance also comprises of about 5% of your operating budget, and it may lower the chances of precautions in the future.

Be Sure of the Moffett’s Maintenance Needs

The usage patterns of a lift truck always shift based on the use in a year. It is a normal consideration that, most operators should focus on the maintenance needs of their forklifts, and this is often a fundamental factor to consider. On a yearly basis, the pattern of using lift trucks shifts and looking at the pattern in downtime, repairs and usage help to determine accurate projection and analysis for the maintenance needs and the possible hazards that may have an effect on the performance.

Overlooking the maintenance will provide the right view of how each vehicle operates. Check the oil levels, the condition of the tires, the engine and ensure the machinery is in good condition. When you consider these and reflect well on them, you will stand a better chance of preventing the possible errors or risks that will tag along with the equipment.

For more information on Moffett’s available in our inventory, their specifications, and possible maintenance tips, feel free to visit us today.


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