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Parts of Counterbalance Forklift to Check when Buying

Parts of Counterbalance Forklift to Check when Buying


When you are planning to buy any equipment, you make sure that each and every part of it is in perfect shape and in the right working condition. But at times people don’t bother to check second-hand machinery but it is crucial to inspect the different parts of the counterbalance forklift if you are purchasing it second hand.




Checking the Parts of Counterbalance Forklift:

Although the Forklifts at Bobby Park are inspected by professional before they are advertized on the website we recommend that you examine all the important parts of the forklift yourself to make sure that there is no mistake. There are practically a few vital parts of the machine that must investigate for any potential flaws.

The frame of the Truck:

It is the basic structure of the whole forklift on which everything else is assembled. You can say that it is the frame to which all other parts like; wheels, mast, counterweight, axis, power source, fuel tank, overhead guard and the hydraulic mechanism is fitted. If this is weak then all other pieces will not be strong.


When the operator is loading something onto the forklift it can happen that it tilts forward causing the machine to trip over. But the counterweight is there to balance the weight to help the forklift remain steady. Each type of forklift has a different kind of counterweight so check for the right one for your purpose.

The Mast:

A vertical shaped part of the forklift that supports the goods that are carried from one place to another. Hydraulic mechanism is used to move three types of masts up or down. These kinds include; duplex, triplex and quad.


The second most important part of the counterbalance forklift is the tire. If the tires are in good condition then your vehicle will operate smoothly. But any problem even in one of the tries can be the cause of an accident. Good branded tires must support the weight that is thrice more than that of the tire.

Different Attachments:

These are types of other things attached to the forklift like; rotators, carpet poles, side shifters, roll clamps, slip-sheet attachments, and multipurpose clamps, pole handlers, carton clamps, container handlers and fork positioners.

Cab for the Operator:

The overall framework of the can in which the operator will sit and operate the whole vehicle must be safe to use. Cab consists of controls that are vital to investigate for any failures. It should be open to allow air to pass through.

Source of Power:

It is crucial that the source of power has no defects in it. Any leakage can be dangerous for both the forklift and the driver. These vehicles are powered by various sources including; Gasoline, Diesel, LP gas, CNG or even by electricity. The use of the fuel depends on the condition of the forklift and the land it will work on.

Cylinder for the Hydraulic Lift:

Importance of hydraulic is crucial because if this is not working properly then there is no use of buying the counterbalance forklift. It must be able to move freely and pick up 4-5 times heavier than the forklift.

If you have any queries regarding the forklift then you can call, email or visit us at our website or the location mentioned below;

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