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Reasons Why Moffett Forklifts are Better Than Others

Reasons Why Moffett Forklifts are Better Than Others


There’s no denying that forklifts are among the most useful and practical types of machinery in the industrial setup of the modern era. Moffett forklifts have proven to be even more helpful. Since their introduction, forklifts have been helping different businesses and industries handle almost all types of materials and loads. There are several types of these machines being used today and are helpful in their own ways, but Moffett could be considered better than the rest when it comes to lifting heavier loads. This blog will discuss why these industrial machines are better than the rest. 

What the Moffett Forklifts Offer

The best benefit that these machines offer is that they’re designed to manage the workload that the rest cannot do. The flatbed trucks with forklifts are indeed better than lifters confined to warehouses only. Let’s have a look at the reasons why this industrial lifter is better. 


Though forklifts were invented to reduce time, effort, and cost, Moffett takes it to an entirely new level. It is more popular and better than others because it can be mounted on the back of trucks. This capability allows businesses to reduce costs immensely as they don’t have to transport their lifter separately.  It is also one of the reasons why Moffett has been able to snatch a considerable market share from its competitors. The idea behind this revolutionary design is that once the operator loads the material into the truck transporting the shipment, the forklift can be mounted on its back. It allows for instant unloading of the material as well at the site of operation.


As these truck-mounted lifters are made robust and rugged, they’re known for having better and longer-lasting functional life than their rivals. Even the second-hand and reconditioned ones can run for 10,000 to 15,000 working hours. This durability can extend with proper and regular maintenance. The maintenance may include cleaning the moving parts of the forklift, lubricating them, and staying within the recommended limits for the load lifting capacity.

Safety Features

Moffett comes equipped with a wide range of the latest safety features that minimize the chances of accidents. These features include:

  •          Interlocking seat belt for the driver.
  •          Overhead guard, test by Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS).
  •          360 degrees visibility to see all around the forklift.
  •          Flashing beacon, work lights, and reverse bleeper.
  •          LED road light for transport on truck or trailer

Numbers show that the rate of accidents of these forklifts is significantly lower than its competitors due to all these features. 

Stability Mechanism

The stability mechanism in a Moffett forklift is much better than the rest of them out there. It has hydraulic stabilizers in front of the front wheels. These stabilizers lower when the horizontally moving mast lifts a load, and therefore provide better stability. The combined center of gravity of the forklift and the load is unlikely to escape the triangle of stability and make the machine tip over.

These are just some of the reasons why the Moffett is considered better than all the conventional forklifts. Many dealers across the US sell forklifts and different types of trucks, but Bobby Park Truck & Equipment makes sure you get the best machine that fulfills all your needs. Contact and visit them to buy a top-rated machine.

Keep reading below as we have discussed some of the questions customers ask frequently. The answers to those may provide you with some additional information. 


What are the types of forklifts?

Forklifts may be classified into ten types based on the tasks they manage and the industries they’re used in. These categories are:

  •          Warehouse forklift.
  •          Side loader.
  •          Counterbalance forklift.
  •          Telehandler.
  •          Industrial forklift (Moffett forklift)
  •          Rough terrain forklift.
  •          Pallet jack.
  •          Walkie stalker. 
  •          Order picker. 
  •          Reach fork truck. 

Which forklift brand is the best?

Hiab can be considered the best brand as they’re the pioneers of Moffett forklifts, which are now known as one of the most valuable and reliable lifters across all industries. 

How much does a Moffett forklift weight?

Moffett forklifts are bigger than standard lifters used in warehouses and factories. So, they weigh more than the smaller ones, and an unladen one is nearly three tons. 


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