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Searching for Flatbed Trucks for Sale? You Need to Read This!

Searching for Flatbed Trucks for Sale? You Need to Read This!


Bobby park truck and equipment is a well-known truck and forklift dealership have one of the largest selection of moffetts and flatbeds in the southeast. Our company provides a variety of flatbed trucks for sale that are used frequently for the transportation of large-sized heavyweight goods. Besides the selling of heavy cargo carrying vehicles, we offer complete truck spare parts. Our workshop and 6-bay Bodyshop allow us to modify, overhaul and repair any truck or forklift. 

Factors that make us excel from the competition:

  1.        Superior knowledge of our trucks on sale
  2.        Providing high-quality equipment
  3.        Expertise in truck modifications to meet our customer's requirements.
  4.        Provide services for shortening or lengthening the wheelbase.
  5.        Replacing trucks and trailers bodies
  6.        Changing gear ratios
  7.        Hydraulic and crane repair services
  8.        Expertise in customization of equipment
  9.        Competitive prices of products
  10.    Maintenance and repair services and many more

Different Types Of Vehicles At Bobby Park Truck And Equipment

Bobby park truck and equipment provides a large variety of trucks that are in good shape and able to carry goods from one place to the other efficiently. Our website is easy to browse and each truck and forklift has an installment calculator, there is also an option to get more information. The following are some of the types of new and used vehicles we offer:

  1.        Heavy-duty trucks
  2.        Conventional trucks
  3.        Box trucks
  4.        Flatbed pickup trucks
  5.        Cranes
  6.        Beverage trucks
  7.        Crane trucks
  8.        Cab and chassis trucks
  9.        yard spotter trucks
  10.    Moffett trucks and other varieties as well.


Advanced Moffett Forklift

Bobby park truck and equipment is proud to be one of the best dealerships offering piggyback forklifts and installation of their mounting kits. A Moffett forklift is said to be the next generation and advancement of a regular forklift, but its general principle of working is somewhat different from that. It carries counterweights by using hydraulic stabilizers, so it is much lighter than a regular forklift. This makes it more compact but still able to lift cargo efficiently. The less weight and more compact design allow it to be attached to trucks, usually flatbeds, through a special kit. This truck and forklift combination gets an edge by having greater versatility in the loading and transport of goods. They can pick up goods or cargo from a place that might not have a forklift. Moreover, Moffett forklift dimensions vary from machine to machine.

Best Moffett Forklift And Flatbed Pickup Truck Combination

As mentioned earlier, moffet forklifts can be used in conjunction with a large number of trucks, offering them a variety of benefits. Among them, the most ideal and preferred combination of moffett is with a flatbed truck. A flatbed pickup truck is said to be a versatile cargo-carrying vehicle that has a large and wide bed on its back. This truck is most commonly used to carry large goods that need an open space for transportation. Tare several types of flatbed trucks for sale at Bobby park truck and equipment. In our service shop, we have skilled professionals that can easily install Moffett kits on most trucks.


  • Full Parts and Service Shop
  • State of the Art Paint Shop
  • Body Work
  • Van bodies, reefer bodies, Flatbed bodies and Storage Containers available
  • Tuscaloosa and Jackson Locations
  • Ships anywhere in the United States
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