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Signs That Your Park Truck Needs Maintenance And Servicing

Signs That Your Park Truck Needs Maintenance And Servicing


Whether you rely on a single truck for all your material hauling needs or you have a fleet of them, a park truck needs maintenance and servicing to perform at its best. Now keep in mind that care may not necessarily mean that you require a part replacement. Often time simple servicing from our services department at Bobby Park may suffice for your trucks. With that said, if you are a new truck owner or don’t have much experience with heavy-duty vehicles in the past, you may not be able to tell when your machine needs maintenance. Luckily trucks give out clear indicators when they are due on maintenance and servicing that tell the owner it’s time for a visit to the Bobby Park servicing section. So if you have been looking for signs that indicate the need for maintenance and servicing, then keep reading.

How To Tell When Your Moffet Mounting Truck Needs Servicing?

There are different types of material hauling trucks that you may have in your fleet, including moffet mounting trucks, semis, crane trucks, and flatbeds. However, when they break down, they often show similar signs. So if your vehicle is overdue on maintenance or you want to know what signs to look for before scheduling a servicing with us, then here are some signs to look for:

Your truck warning lights are on: Trucks come with a gauge cluster containing warning lights that come on when your truck needs to be serviced. A check engine light can mean many things, and often it may go away after a simple tune-up. So if your truck’s warning lights are flashing, you should take this as a sign that a tune-up or servicing is needed. Our servicing department is equipped with all the tools and expertise required to maintain and tune up your truck showing warning lights. In short, if your vehicle has any warning lights on, you should prioritize a visit to our servicing department.

Poor performance: One of the most tell-tale signs that your truck requires maintenance and repairs is that it is not performing as well as it used to. Poor performance may become apparent when the machine struggles to move under load or go uphill even when loaded within the recommended capacity. This issue can be caused by something as simple as a clogged filter or a problem with the fuel system. So if your truck is not performing as well as it used to, and it is often parked at the truck parking lot, then getting it tuned up may be all it needs to get back to life.

Low fuel efficiency: Fuel efficiency is a significant concern, especially when operating a fleet of trucks. We often get business owners that are concerned about the poor gas mileage their trucks are giving them. So if your vehicle also has started guzzling gas all of a sudden or it has dropped steadily over time, it is an indicator that a tune-up is required. A tune-up of your truck’s engine and fuel system may even get you better gas mileage than what you used to get before.

Whether you need repairs, maintenance or moffett truck parts, we have you covered. 


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