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Things to Check in Used Semi Trucks for Sale

Things to Check in Used Semi Trucks for Sale


Whether you plan to expand your business fleet or wish to add new trucks for any of your own personal use, then looking into the range of used semi trucks for sale will surely prove to be an excellent, worthwhile, and cost-saving option. The fact is that a well-maintained, almost new, used truck can work for many years and run with enough of miles left on it, while significantly costing much less than newer models.

Sure, not all semi trucks for sale in the used range are as good the others. Just as most used vehicle purchases, you have to take your time to inspect the truck properly for any warning signs to reduce the risks of you investing in a useless buy.

Our Bobby Park truck and Equipment team has put together a comprehensive list of some of the important things you should check before closing the deal on a semi truck for sale.

1.     The Papers of the Vehicle

You should never consider investing in a vehicle without conducting a thorough search through all its public records on its traffic, accident history, and previous owner. This does not only help you to avoid investing in a truck with an iffy past, but also avoid the chance of inadvertently buying any stolen goods.

2.     The Condition of the Tires

Keep in mind that tires have a lot to say about how the previous owner treated the truck in general. Do the tires appear worn out or replaced recently? Did the previous owner replace them all at the same time? Do they all come from the same brand? Rest assured that if the tires appear as though they are new, it gives a good chance that the rest of the truck is also in good condition.

3.     Signs of Rust

You have to be on the lookout for any rust in any region of the body, or even under the hood of the vehicle. If the vehicle has rust on it, it means you will have to spend more on the bodywork. A clear indicator, it shows the previous owner did not take proper care of the semi truck for sale.

4.     Check the Door and Window Seals

Before you buy the truck, always check that all the windows and doors to be sure of the seals. The poor seals eventually reduce the aerodynamic optimization of the tuck, leading to higher costs when on the road and interfering with the temperature of the cabin.

5.     The Mileage

When the truck reaches 750,000 miles, this is when the truck will need a major overhaul to keep it running well for heavy-duty work. Sometimes, you could also get great deals on upper fixers, but you should be aware of the mileage ends up climbing high levels.

6.     The Lights

You need to be sure to start the truck up and visually verify that the lights work properly. If they do not work properly, this can indicate other serious electrical problems, or you could end up with a truck that is not up to the right legal standards!

With so many trucks in our inventory, we are the best stop in Alabama for new and used semi trucks for sale. Come visit us and see this for yourself!


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