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What Are The Signs That You Need To Replace Your Crane Trucks?


Crane trucks provide material handling companies with much-needed versatility to lift and transport load using a single piece of equipment. Crane trucks have the lifting power and the space needed to move massive loads over short and long distances, and the unloading process is equally simple. However, despite the boost in productivity they offer, these durable pieces of equipment eventually need to be replaced. At Bobby Park, we provide material handling companies with everything they need to make their job easier. All our equipment is used preloved machines inspected for quality, and our used crane truck inventory is no exception. However, most businesses who approach us aren’t sure how much life is left in their crane trucks until it is too late. That leads to them having to operate without a proper lifting machine, which can lead to loss of productivity. However, crane trucks don’t just fail all of a sudden in fact, they give clear signs that indicate you should start looking for a replacement crane. With that being said, if you are wondering if your crane truck is reaching the end of its useful life then we suggest you to keep reading.

Signs that You Should Start Looking for a Crane Truck for Sale

Catching the signs of a failing crane truck earlier on can mean the difference between keeping your business running and long downtimes. So if you can spot these signs earlier on, you can start looking for a crane truck for sale at our park and be ready with a replacement before your existing one fails. Without further ado, here are some signs that your crane truck needs to be replaced:

Serious electrical system issues: Now, some electrical problems that are not too severe are usually not a cause of concern and can be fixed relatively easily. However, since your crane’s operating mechanism relies heavily on electronics, it can cost you a lot of money to repair if the electrical system fails entirely. So if the crane’s working mechanism is showing signs of significant damage and you don’t replace it in time, you will be stuck with either having to spend thousands of dollars on repairs or a non-functioning crane truck. So if you are experiencing severe electrical issues with your crane truck, you should start looking for crane trucks for sale in our used crane truck inventory.

Increasing repair cost: Repairs are a part of owning a crane truck; however, when your repair costs have increased to the point where they are putting your company in financial trouble, you should go with the replacement option. That is because the amount you are spending on repairing and maintaining a very faulty crane truck can go into buying one in a better condition that will be more reliable in the long run.

Frequent breakdowns: Crane trucks are used almost every day and if they are spending more time in the repair shop than serving your business, you are better off replacing it. Frequent breakdowns can mean a loss of productivity and possible loss of customers, which can be devastating for small businesses. So if your crane truck is breaking down weekly, you should be looking for a replacement for it.

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