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What Qualities Should a Moffett Truck Have to Make it Capable of Transporting a Forklift?


Moffetts are a unique variation of forklifts that can be easily mounted to the back of a truck and can be transported to any location you want. This makes it easier for material handling businesses to load and unload their goods whenever and wherever they have to. However not every truck is capable of transporting a Moffett and you need a Moffett truck that has the necessary dimensions and structure to allow for safe mounting of the Moffett. At Bobby Park, we recommend using flatbed trucks that have plenty of space on their back and have decent ground clearance to allow for safe mounting of the moffetts. While it is possible to modify a truck to make it fit for mounting a forklift it is best to buy a truck that already has the necessary features needed to mount a Moffett. If you are looking for a used truck to mount your Moffett then you are at the right place. This article will explain some key qualities to look for when buying a Moffett truck so keep reading.

Things to look for when searching for a Moffett truck for sale

When you are looking for a Moffett truck for sale you can come to our dealership or browse Moffett trucks listed on our website. Our team will guide you through your truck buying process and help you in choosing the best truck to fulfill your transport needs. Generally, we recommend flatbed trucks for mounting a Moffett since they come with decent space and an ideal axle design to facilitate forklift mounting. With that being said here are some things to look for when buying a Moffett truck:

Ample distance between the rear of the truck and axles: When you mount a Moffett on the back of the truck the forks of the forklift and the front end both take up space under the truck's bed. So it is essential to choose a truck that has ample distance between the rear and the axles to fit the Moffett underneath it. Of course, you can always bring your truck in to get the rear axle modified to make space for mounting a Moffett it is best to choose a truck that already has this characteristic.

Ground clearance: When looking for Moffett truck for sale you should make sure the truck you buy has good ground clearance. As mentioned above some part of the Moffett will go underneath the truck's bed when it is mounted. So it is essential to make sure the truck you are buying has ample ground clearance. Different Moffett models may require a different amount of space under the truck to transport them safely. This is why you should consider the size of your forklift to see if it can safely fit underneath the truck you are about to buy.

Space availability under the bed: Since the moffett is mounted on a truck with the help of a mounting mechanism, the truck you are buying mustn't have any electronics or essential parts that may prevent the installation. If there is some nonessential wiring and lights we can always move them to the sides to make room for the mounting mechanism.

Looking for a used Moffett or forklift truck for sale? Just contact us and we will handle all your heavy-duty equipment needs.


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