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Why Choose a Used Moffett Forklift Over a New One

Why Choose a Used Moffett Forklift Over a New One


If you are exploring the market to invest in a forklift, you will have a plethora of decisions ahead of you. This includes the model and the brand you should choose. However, in this case, the first and the most important factor you have to consider is whether you want to purchase a used or brand new forklift equipment.

As dealers in used forklift trucks for sale at Bobby Park Truck & Equipment, we would like to inform and guide you about the numerous benefits of used forklifts over a new one. You must consider this option carefully and balance everything with your business or warehouse needs.

Why Should You Choose a Used Forklift?

 Although there are several factors that push people to invest in used vehicles, the major driver or factor to encourage this decision is the cost that tags along with new ones. When you buy a used forklift, this will cost you about 50% less compared to a brand new model. As business owners compete with shrinking budgets and rising costs, saving a good amount of equipment purchases helps to make the investment a worthwhile one. Surely, a lower price tag adds to the many benefits of investing in a used forklift.

Like other emerging products, however, a used forklift could lead to technical kinks and bugs that will require you to focus on the repairs. This means you have to focus on on-going maintenance costs. In addition, purchasing replacement parts for a brand new model would be a challenge. This is because it becomes relatively difficult to find spare parts. With fewer models available, this can be quite costly.

On used forklifts, making the replacements and purchases would be a cost-effective solution. This will allow you to fix the equipment on time and get it back in the right working order.


Research Well On This Matter

Although there are several advantages when it comes to investing in a used forklift, this process requires a good amount of research. It is important that businesses considering this choice should probe deeper into the history of the product they wish to invest in. Get a complete performance report, and explore all the issues the previous owner must have had to ensure the proper maintenance.

Apart from considering the past of the equipment, it is a good idea that you understand your future needs properly. Evaluate important aspects, like when you plan to use the forklift, the number of hours, and the type of work you plan to use it for in the long run.

We suggest that if you plan to use the equipment for four hours in a day, or less, then opt for a used forklift rather than a brand new one. The benefits and the cost of used ones motivate several buyers who opt for pre-owned equipment, regardless of the pros. knowing your own business needs will be a worthwhile choice and ensure success in the workplace.

At Bobby Park, we are more than happy to offer you the best equipment that will work in your favor and guarantee smooth business operations. Contact us today to secure the best deals on used forklifts for sale near me!


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