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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Crane? Factors to Consider

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Crane? Factors to Consider


Are you looking for a market for a crane? Then you probably are aware that it is not just a casual purchase. It is a hefty investment, and understanding the crane purchase cost is key. Our experts at Bobby Park Truck and Equipment will explain the details that influence the price of a crane. Let's get right into it!

What Points are Included in Crane Purchase Cost?

Let's start by explaining what goes into the cost of purchasing a crane. There is a lot to consider, so buckle up. We're talking about the type of crane, how much it can lift, the brand, whether it's new or pre-loved, any extra add-ons, plus expenses for moving it around, getting it set up, regular check-ups, training, fuel, permits, licensing, and insurance.

Types of Cranes

Now, let's talk cranes. There's more variety than you might think that has specific applications. Below are three types of cranes that business owners can consider.

Mobile Cranes

These are like the Swiss Army knives of cranes. This equipment you can buy from used truck dealers is versatile, easy to move between job sites, and comes in different models, like rough terrain or all-terrain. That's why they're the go-to for all sorts of lifting tasks in construction and logistics.

Tower Cranes

You've probably seen these giants towering over construction sites. They are all about height and heavy lifting. Perfect for those skyscrapers and big projects that need a lot of muscle.

Crawler Cranes

These are the heavy-duty champs on track. They have got stability and can handle rough terrains like a pro. It's ideal for places where the ground isn't a flat, even playing field.

Factors Affecting the Cost

Now, let's dig into the stuff that punts in your wallet. When buying a crane from a heavy-duty truck and equipment dealer, you should look into type and lifting capacity, brand reputation, new versus used options, additional attachments, transportation, installation, routine maintenance, operator training, and ongoing operational expenses.

Type and Capacity

Bigger, heavier cranes naturally come with a bigger price tag. It's like buying a car – the more power you want, the more it will cost you.

Brand and Manufacturer

You know how it goes, right? The big names in the game forever tend to come with a premium. They have earned their reputation for quality and longevity. We at Bobby Park Truck and Equipment ensure that we deal with vehicles from the right manufacturer.

New vs Used

Like with cars, going for brand-spanking-new gives you all the latest bells and whistles. But it will cost you.  Buying used crane trucks might be more budget-friendly, but they could need more TLC.

Additional Attachments

Think of these like fancy add-ons for your new gadget. Special hooks or extensions can bump up the overall cost.

Transportation and Installation

Getting your crane from point A to point B and setting it up are no small feats. Don't forget to factor these costs into your total.

Maintenance and Operating Costs

Owning a crane means committing to its well-being. Performing regular maintenance on Moffet forklifts is crucial. It's all part of the package. Our used commercial truck and crane dealer provides the best maintenance and post-sale services.

1.       Routine maintenance is essential to ensure the crane operates efficiently and safely—budget for routine inspections and maintenance services.

2.       Properly trained operators are crucial for a crane's safe and efficient operation. Training costs should be factored into the overall budget.

3.       Fuel and energy costs depend on the type of crane; fuel or energy costs can be a significant ongoing expense.

Buying a crane is no small decision. It is a serious investment, and you have to weigh all these factors included in the crane purchase cost. It must all be factored in, from the type and capacity to keeping it running smoothly. It would help you determine the purchase cost by visiting our website and contacting our professional truck dealership team.

Let's tackle some burning questions you might have about crane costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are there financing options available for crane purchases?

Many dealers and financial institutions offer financing options to help spread out the crane purchase cost.

Q2: Can I rent a crane instead of buying one?

Renting is an option, especially for short-term needs. But remember, owning has long-term perks, like flexibility and cost savings.

Q3: What are some common safety measures for operating a crane?

Safety comes first! That means regular checks, proper training, and following all the manufacturer and industry guidelines.

Q4: How long does installing a crane on a job site take?

This depends on the type of crane and the complexity of the site. For an accurate estimate, getting a pro's opinion is best.




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